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Collegiate Underwriting is proud to launch its newly redesigned website www.collegiate.co.uk.

Working with our clients we have taken on board feedback on what would make the site simpler and easier to use, including:

  • Dedicated partner broker area – Where Brokers can access our current underwriting guidelines
  • Re-categorised our professions – Helping you to find the right profession and coverage you need quickly
  • Site search facility – Enabling you to find the information you need quickly
  • News zone – Where you can now access the full archive of our Hindsight newsletter and to subscribe to receive your own copy of Hindsight straight to your inbox

We will continue to develop the site and its content to provide you the most up to date underwriting & business information and industry news.

If you have any questions or feedback to share with us by sending us a message on our contact us page.

 We hope you enjoy our site

 Collegiate Underwriting Team