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Nowadays, construction and contracting firms invariably carry Design & Construction (D&C) Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance. For many disciplines it is compulsory, many clients insist on it, and for all it is desirable.

When a contract is undertaken on a design and construct basis it is often the contractor who is the first port of call in the event of a design related problem. Even if a claim is ultimately the responsibility of another party, the costs of redirecting liability can be high and success is far from guaranteed. A contractor will often be held responsible regardless of their ability to enforce an action against the negligent party.

This is where a D&C PI insurance policy comes into play, protecting both a contractors finances and their client relationship. When problems do occur a swift and realistic approach is needed, particularly when the problem arises during the construction period.

Today, many clients expect even the smallest of construction firms and contractors to hold D&C PI insurance cover.


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  • Direct contact with the underwriter
  • Limits of Indemnity up to £5 million
  • Coverage – cover is included for criminal defence costs relating to any regulation or statute which applies to your business, for example the Construction, Design and Management (CONDAM) Regulations
  • Collateral Warranties – no limit on the number of assignments
  • Compensation for court attendance
  • Industry leading claims service
  • A-(Excellent) policy security



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Runoff FAQ

Runoff cover

All PI Insurance is on a claims made basis, that means you must have an active PI policy at the time a claim or allegation is made against you. It is important to remember that once a PI policy expires you can no longer make any claims against it. Therefore you need to consider maintaining your PI insurance once you cease trading. This is called Runoff Insurance and provides protection against any claims which may arise from work you undertook in the past. Some professional Institutions require their members to carry Runoff insurance.

Runoff is an annually renewable policy, the premiums will usually reduce each year to reflect the reducing exposure to insurers.